The 2nd Vienna Quantum Foundations Conference (September 23-27, 2024)

The 2nd Vienna Quantum Foundations Conference will celebrate two anniversaries:

Continuing a long tradition of quantum physics in Vienna, the conference will bring together leading international researchers to discuss and shape the future of quantum foundations.
While the talks will be by invitation only, there will be an opportunity to contribute a poster and an associated flash talk. Registration for the conference will open at the end of April 2024.

Our friends and colleagues in Geneva have recently celebrated 60 years of Bell’s theorem as well: see here.

The conference will take place in the beautiful 9th district of Vienna. The talks will be at Boltzmanngasse 5, the University of Vienna’s Department of Physics, see the Venue page for details.
We will have about 30 invited speakers and 2 poster sessions. There will also be a conference dinner.
A more detailed programm will soon be available here.

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