September 7th - 10th 2021
Artwork by K. Bradonjic

Who we are

The field of Quantum Foundations aims at understanding the fundamental concepts and the mathematical framework of quantum physics, with the ambition to better comprehend the theory, to reformulate it, and to propose generalizations that may be relevant for future physics. Since the initial development of quantum mechanics in the 1920’s, its spectacular success notwithstanding, the question of what quantum theory is actually telling us about the world remains largely unanswered. Achieving a better understanding of quantum theory is of paramount importance for its applications and for combining it with other physical theories like General Relativity. Moreover, studying foundational questions often opens up new surprising avenues, as the modern advances in quantum communication and computing demonstrate.

The first Vienna Quantum Foundations Conference is organized by the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information-Vienna (Austrian Academy of Sciences). Continuing a long tradition of quantum physics in Vienna, the conference brings together leading international researchers in this field to discuss and shape the future of quantum foundations.


Opening at the beginning of 2021

Our Speakers


The conference will comprehend invited talks until the early afternoon, followed by a poster session introduced by flash-talks, and three panel sessions: 

“Philosophical aspects of physics – The relevance of philosophy for quantum physics and beyond.”

“Challenges to combine quantum theory and gravity.” 

“Are there clouds on the bright sky of physics? – Because of the promise of quantum technologies, are we forgetting about quantum foundations? An overview of current research directions and future challenges for quantum foundations.”

VQF-CON 2021
Vienna Quantum Foundations Conference

September 7th-10th 2021

Artwork by K. Bradonjic

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